Discount Beer Homebrewing Supplies

September 30 2019 - We have closed the retail store and gone completely online!!!

We also will be redesigning and expanding the website some time this week - stay tuned or call if you cant wait.

Brewliterate was Started in April, of 2012. I had been a Home Brewer for 32 years. I Brewed my first Beer at 15 years old. My Father bought a Kit from a Magazine and knew that I like to cook, so he asked me to brew it. It came out better than the commercial beers that he drank, but also stronger. He had no Idea what he started.

When I became legal age to drink I found and joined a local Home Brew Club. I soon was asked to become a Club Officer and started competing. I entered 2 Beers in my first Competition and won a first and second place. Every time I entered I seemed to get a ribbon. I won a first place category third place best of show in Las Vegas, for a Spiced Beer!

I have always had a passion for Home Brewing and always will. I teach all grain brewing at our shop for free on my equipment, and the customer gets to keep the beer they brew, they just pay for supplies. I have had people that I gave classes to open there own Breweries and some are in the process of opening Breweries. 

We are known to not sell you things you do not need, but we will order anything you want that we can get.